Financial Advisory Services
Strategic alternatives analysis – illustrate alternatives to meet financial goals and objectives and maximize shareholder value

Capital structure analysis – assess the client’s choice of capital structure and the optimal capital structure which maximizes the value of the company.

Debt capacity analysis – assess amount of additional debt that is affordable, based on the company’s operations, goals and objectives, and the general / current market conditions, before it raises the concerns of lenders.

Recapitalizations / Financial restructurings – assess various options to assist business owners develop and implement recapitalization / restructuring strategies that meet the client’s specific personal or business objectives - to generate liquidity, increase shareholder value or gain greater operational flexibility.

Wealth transition advisory - assist companies in maximizing the structure, pricing and timing, of any alternative that provides liquidity. Business owners learn the rules-of-the-road for successful transactions. This service prepares the company to go to market or react to a market proposal in a much more thought out and efficient fashion even though a decision or need to may not occur for an extended period of time.


Securities transactions conducted through TCC Securities LLC, member FINRA / SIPC.
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